Patient Testimonials

I have been receiving dental care from Jack and his staff at Churchill Dental since my teeth first grew in!  That's going on 26 years now.  I once made the mistake of seeing a different dentist for a filling.  That dentist botched the filling so bad I needed a root canal.  Words cannot describe the pain I was in when my mom called Jack's emergency number on a Saturday.  He prescribed pain medication and then had me scheduled for an emergency root canal that Monday.  Not only is Jack an extremely skilled dentist, he cares for his patient's well being.  I have a mouthfull of dental work due to soft teeth and have never experienced pain from any of Jack's work or between visits.  He has helped to keep my difficult teeth healthy.  I love going to my dentist because of the care I receive and the relationships I have with Jack and his staff.  I will never make the mistake of going anywhere else ever again!

Thank you!


I’m so glad I go to Churchill Dental. I’m a kid so I don’t pay attention to the price but whatever it is it is worth it. Dr. Churchill is so sweet, funny, and gentle. I was 11 when my first cavity was filled. I was always scared of shots. When he was filling my tooth I asked questions about the things he was using. He told me and made sure it didn’t hurt. Which it didn’t. Everyone there is so kind and I’m glad I go to Churchill Dental.


Jim and I have been patients at Churchill Dental since he began his practice.  We went from young adults to senior citizens over the span of years with Jack!  Yikes, what a thought!

Jack has given me many crowns over the years and I couldn’t be happier with his work.  They always feel perfect when I get them and they have held up beautifully.

Another thing that I have always appreciated about Jack is that he respects our time.  I went to him throughout my working years in downtown Minneapolis and I always knew that I could get back to my desk on time.  He always took me promptly for my appointments.  Now that is a very rare thing!

Finally, Jack and his staff are all fun, nice people.  They treat us like they care about us.  We actually like going to the dentist!


I’ve been a patient of Dr. J for 30 years now.  His high level of service has never wavered over the years.  In the past 30 years, I’ve had one dentist and two wives.  Says lots about my dentist!


Our children have grown up with Jack Churchill’s care. Each of them has had moments when Jack has gone the extra mile to accommodate our needs. Our son, Andrew, was living in Rochester when he had an urgent dental problem. Jack had his brother (a Rochester dentist) help us out. Our daughter, Mara, was living in Siren, Wisconsin, and moved back with a dental emergency that couldn’t wait for her insurance to kick in. Jack found a way to help us out on the weekend and get Mara the care she needed.

The children are not the only ones who have benefitted from our dental association with Churchill Dental. I have had so many dental problems myself that walking through the door of another dental office was a difficult move for me. I LIKE coming to see my friends at Churchill Dental. We travel from Randolph to Minneapolis to get the best dental care in the state of Minnesota. Our 40 mile one-way trip is well worth it.


We have been going to Jack Churchill for our dental work since he took over the practice of N.J. Vizzier. His skills and attention to detail are extraordinary. He gives attention to the needs of the patient. We referred my wife’s brother to him. He had no insurance, but Jack worked out a payment plan so he could get the dental work he needed done sooner rather than later. This indicates to us that Jack is as interested in the welfare of his patients, as he is in getting paid for his services. The attitude in the office is to take the time to do things right in contrast to getting things done fast to maximize income.


I am pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Dr. Jack Churchill who has been my dentist for many years.  He has seen me through problems with impacted wisdom teeth, partial dentures, emergency filling problems and teeth broken off in a fall, above and beyond the normal maintenance required.  When my husband had a problem with poorly fitting dentures from another dentist, I persuaded him to go to Jack, and he was so pleased at the way in which his difficulty was inexpensively and completely solved.

Perhaps, to me the most important thing is the concern for my comfort and well being that I find at the Churchill Dental office.



Dr. Churchill has been our family dentist for 20 years or more.  He was recommended to us by another dentist in the Medical Arts Building who was retiring.  We feel they do quality work, and the location is very convenient for us.


I have been a patient of Churchill Dental for over 25 years.  Dr. Jack and his staff have always made me feel welcomed like a part of their family.

Dr. Jack is a perfectionist (which is an excellent trait to have in your dentist!)  Several years ago I had laminates placed on my front teeth.  He was very diligent in matching my laminates to my original tooth color and the results were fantastic!  No one has or will ever know that the fronts of my front teeth are not the originals.

Shortly after I met my husband, Dave, I referred him to Churchill Dental too.  He is a man that did not like to go to the dentist.  Dr. Jack and his staff have made the experience in his words "much more tolerable!" which really does say a lot!

We would never consider going anywhere else for our dental care needs.


Dear Jack,

I would like to submit my heartfelt endorsement of you, your staff and your practice for the excellent dental care you have provided to me over many years.  I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere you and your dental staff have provided and the thoroughness and quality of care exhibited by everyone in your office.

I would heartily endorse Churchill Dental for anyone seeking friendly, comprehensive dental and oral health care.  Thank you for the opportunity to provide my feedback on your practice.



Dr. Churchill has provided great service and quality dental care to my wife and myself for over 15 years.  Jack should have a page on his website to list all the bad jokes he has told for the last 10-15 years!


I have many years of experience with Churchill Dental.  The friendly caring staff has the utmost concern for one’s comfort and the quality of work is always topnotch.


I’ve been coming to Churchill Dental for a long time now.  Jack Churchill and his staff are amazing and I have never liked a dental office as much as I do this one.  As a matter of fact, I have referred a number of my co-workers to Churchill Dental and they have all been very pleased.  His staff, from the receptionist to the hygienists, are extremely friendly and make you feel so comfortable.


As I look back I find I have been in the care of Dr. Churchill and his staff for over twenty years, and find them to be a caring group that listens to their patients.

While Jack is not a great golfer, I highly recommend his great Dental Practice.  I actually look forward to my visits.


Churchill Dental is the best dental facility my family and I have found in the Twin Cities.  Dr. Churchill is wonderful.  He has an excellent staff.   From the time you walk in the door to the time you leave, you are treated with respect and you feel that you’ve received the best dental care possible.  We highly recommend Dr. Jack and his staff.

-Annette and Jay

Growing up with my Dad as my dentist, I was a little apprehensive about finding a new dentist when I moved to the Twin Cities.  From the first time I had an appointment at Dr. Churchill’s office, I was very comfortable and very impressed with the professionalism and the expertise I found.  They always answer my questions and concerns with respect and in a way that I understand.


We have been going to Churchill Dental since its beginning when we were patients of Dr. Eugene Hartkopf. Upon Dr. Hartkopf’s retirement, Jack took over and we have been with Churchill Dental since then.

Churchill Dental is like a family run operation. The first time I called him "Dr. Churchill" he said, call me ‘Jack." "Jack" it has been. We have shared so many sports stories over the years. We have been more than pleased with the professional dental services provided. The staff is so friendly.

Churchill Dental is a Dental Clinic, but everyone is made to feel so special. Great job, Jack.

-Jim and Kathy

Having formerly worked downtown, I wanted a dental clinic close to work. I started with one dentist who later retired. I stayed with the next dentist who acquired his practice until he retired and I have been a patient of Churchill Dental since 1990. In addition to the great dental care I’ve received over the years, I also appreciate the promptness in being seen on time, flexibility in meeting my special needs, friendly atmosphere, good sense of humor and sensitivity of the staff in making me feel comfortable in the dental chair. Lastly, I’m glad everyone likes the various dental cartoons I bring to the office.


I’ve been going to Churchill Dental for many years and found Dr. Churchill to be very professional. I am very satisfied with all the dental procedures performed. His support staff is knowledgeable and very good in their respective fields. The office staff is very kind, efficient, and will make your appointment at a convenient time for you.


I’ve been going to Jack for my dental care for the past 10 years. The entire staff at Churchill Dental promotes a friendly and positive experience the moment you walk into the office. My 3 young children also visit Jack and actually look forward to seeing the dentist! With that said, my entire family would highly recommend Churchill Dental.


In 55 years, we’ve had just 2 dentists – Dr. Jack Churchill and, back in the day, his associate, Dr. Gene Hartkopf. Dr. Hartkopf retired many years ago, and it’s been Dr. Churchill ever since. It has never occurred to us to even bother to check out anyone else. We have had excellent care and excellent service. We enthusiastically recommend Dr. Churchill to anyone needing dental care.


I have been a patient of Dr. Churchill’s for nearly 20 years. He and his staff have always provided the highest-quality care in a friendly, caring environment. They bring the advantages of new technologies to their patients without losing the personal touch. I recommend his dental practice without hesitation.

-Patient from Minnetonka

No trip to the dentist is fun. Growing up with slow drills and Marathon Man certainly didn’t help. But Jack and his staff really take the angst out of the trip. They are an enjoyable group to interact with and their methods have proven over many years to provide quality dental care as pain free as is possible. They deserve my highest recommendation and my teeth will back me up on that!


Jack Churchill has been my dentist for many years. I enjoy his warm and friendly manner. His initial greeting always engenders a feeling of assurance in what to expect during the coming examination. Jack takes the time to explain carefully what he has found and specifically what he proposes to do to remedy any weaknesses. Never has it been necessary for me to return for adjustments to any procedures. I like his humor – we always enjoy a joke or two during our sessions every six months.


The staff at Churchill Dental will always treat you with friendliness and respect. Dr. Churchill is a gentle dentist and a gentleman.

Our dental care – both restorative and preventative – has been the best. We highly recommend Churchill Dental for all dental care needs.

-Gary and Lynn

Dr. Churchill is an extremely honest dentist. Some of my prior dentists were always finding something each visit to repair. Removing old fillings to put in new white fillings, etc. Things that probably didn’t need to be done, and some that have caused problems now in later years.

Dr. Churchill tends to watch something until the next visit before rushing into a fix, unless of course it is of an urgent nature. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Churchill for your dental needs.


My prior dentist retired so Dr. Churchill took over his patients. I feel Dr. Churchill and his staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and caring. I recommend Dr. Churchill if you are looking for a new dentist.


I have been a patient of Churchill Dental since moving to Minneapolis from out of state 20 years ago. Needless to say I was nervous changing dental groups after a successful relationship with my previous dentist. I was referred to Churchill Dental and was impressed with the professionalism from everyone in the office. Over time I have experienced the utmost care and camaraderie with the personnel and I have enjoyed this long-term relationship. The biggest accomplishment I have from working with Churchill Dental is I am a firm and proven believer in good dental hygiene and FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS!!!


I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for the wonderful job you do!  I have been coming to Churchill Dental for over 8 years now and am so impressed with the professionalism, care and friendliness of the entire staff.  It's like a big family.  they make you feel welcome and at ease.

Kim and Agnes always greet you with a smile and ask you about the latest thing going on in your life.  They are just as kind on the phone as in person.  It wouldn't be the same without them there.  Their presence is a present!

Justin is the hygienist that cleans my teeth.  He is amazing and super friendly.  He told me about the electric toothbrush which has changed my mouth forever.  It seriously has made a huge difference in the appearance and health of my teeth.  I recommend it to everyone.

The most amazing thing that has happened with my teeth is the new crowns and cosmetic dentistry by Dr. Jack Churchill.  He is extremely precise.  A perfectionist I would say.  I had braces a long time ago (before I went to Dr. Churchill) and they did a terrible job.  I always longed for a nice smile and straight teeth so I had braces put on again a few years ago as an adult.  After that Jack Churchill looked at my teeth to see how we could make my smile amazing.  We even did some whitening before we matched the new crowns to get the whitest color that would suit my teeth and features.  It was quite a process to get all the molds and get things in order but afterwards it was all worth it.  For the first time in my life I have the straight teeth I longed for.  When I was little all my teeth didn't come down so it was challenging for him to get the teeth just the right length and size but he did it perfectly!  I am so pleased with everthing!  I used to just "grin" for a smile and now I can show all my teeth and feel confident.

Let me not forget Dr. Churchill's assistant Annie who is also amazing and detail oriented.  She really knows what she is doing and is extremely pleasant to be around.

I recommend this team of professional's to anyone looking for the best in service, professionalism, talent and friendliness.

Thanks again for everything!

With warm regards,